Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My "27 Things You Need To Do Before You Settle Down"

This morning I watched some random awesome video on my smart phone about 27 Things You Need To Do Before You Settle Down and here is my achievement,

1.  Travel with your BFFs - done (couple times)
Mostly I traveled with at least one of my BFFs.
2.  Learn to cook - done (since teens)
I learnt and have cooked since I was a teenager.
3.  Be financially independent - done (I am)
I have been 100% financially independent since I was 24 years old.
4.  Face one of your biggest fears - done (snorkeling, and now i love it!)
I never wanted to do some snorkeling. Deep water was too frightening for me. In October 2012, one of my best friends finally convinced me to put my life vest on, and jumped into the water and never moved from boat’s stair. I did snorkeling with one of my hands always holding onto the stair.  
5.  Live alone - done (since 2002)
I have lived alone since year 2002.

6.  Accomplish a goal - on going (master degree)
I’m completing my master degree.
7.  Find your drink of choice - done (couple times in twenties)
I’ve found some since my twenties.
8.  Make the first move - done (most of the time)
Mostly I did my first moves in my love and sex relationships.
9.  Challenge yourself - done (refer to point 4)
In August 2013, I challenged myself to do some real snorkeling, and now I love it! Snorkeling has now become one of my favorite activities.
10.Take a road trip - done (couple times)
I did couple times with my BFFs. I love road trip and it is one of the awesome things to do.
11.Try a nice restaurant by yourself - done (couple times)
I did couple times. I’m single, and it’s not difficult to do, and I enjoyed my moments.
12.Live somewhere else - done (Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Jakarta)
I lived all my time in Malang for 24 years without knowing much of how life outside Malang City was. I moved to Yogyakarta, alone as a stranger. My life continued moving to Surabaya, and then Jakarta.
13.Learn to drive manual - done (i have only manual)
I drive so far only manual transmission, but I can drive the automatic one.
14.Find a new show and watch it all in one weekend - done (brothers and sisters)
Bought a complete series, and watched them all in one weekend.
15.Get fit - done (for 2,5 months)
In (around) 2008 I joined to some gym for 2.5 months.
16.Build something with your hands - not yet (build what?)
Yeah, what build something’s meaning here?
17.Stay up until the sunrise - done (often)
Often to do.
18.See your favorite artist live - done (David Guetta)
It was my first concert actually.
19.Make a list of book to read and then read them - done (many)
I love reading books.
20.Learn to fight - not yet (not interested in violence kind of things)
Never had and hopefully never have, unless of emergency.
21.Volunteer - done (couple times)
I did some voluntary things since in high school.
22.Try a new hobby - done (photography and yoga)
Especially photography.
23.Apply for your dream job - not yet (I have limited skill in language/English)
There was a time that my friend offered me to give some recommendation to apply some jobs in UN, but I was not so confident about my English ability, and finally turned down the offer.
24.Keep a journal - done (still)
This blog is one of mine.
25.Have a long conversation with a stranger - done (one or two times)
The last time I had a long conversation with a stranger was in February 2015.
26.Do something crazy and spontaneous - done (random)
Let’s not talk about this in here.
27.Get to know yourself - on going (accepting myself)
I am not sure about this, but I guess I have to learn more about myself, so I can accept me 100% completely.

The big question, what is the “real” meaning of “settle down” here?

Special thanks to Resviana O. for my English translation review  

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