Thursday, October 26, 2017

11 Things, While You Were Traveling in Indonesia

Indonesia is consisting of more than 17 thousands islands and islets. Indonesia has hundreds of native languages and dialects, as well as cultures. We unite through our national language, Bahasa Indonesia. The descendant of immigrant, like Chinese, Arabian, Indian, etc, speaks, read and write fluently in Bahasa Indonesia. We sing our National Anthem, Indonesia Raya, together from west to east. We also have similar culture despite we have different details in each culture. We are the locals of Indonesia.

Me? I was born in Indonesia as Indonesia Citizen. I’m the youngest but the first born child as Indonesia Citizen. My parents were also born in Indonesia, as well as my big brother and sisters, yet they were holding some kind like China’s Passport until around late 70’ies. My grandparents were born in China and came to Indonesia when they were teens (in early 20th century). I don’t deny my Chinese thingy which run through my blood, yet I prefer people call me as Indonesian not Chinese, because by the law, by the birth and (first of all) by my heart, I am an Indonesian.

I’ve been traveling since I was a child. My parents did love traveling so much. I started to capture my travel moment in early 2000. I love traveling because by that time, I think I can completely being myself. Yet I can’t do traveling as many as I wish, because of the money and the time. Currently I work as financial planner in a listed company and I only get (max) 15 days for my annual leave.

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And here the 11 things that you have to know and aware, while you were traveling in Indonesia.