Wednesday, April 30, 2008

9 months in Kobexindo Tractors, PT

9 Months In Kobexindo Tractors, PT

Liesa, Yudi, Siska, Rebekka, Hani, Lia, Rahman, Amres, Edu, Taufik, they are the persons who filled my story in Kobexindo Tractors, PT ( KOB ).

Everyday I miss those times when I worked together with these persons. May GOD always bless them who I always care about in everything.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bandung euy

April, 11 to 12, 2008. i went to bandung with my friends who are my colleaques in Amec Berca Indonesia.
Start from our office building at CCM Building Cikini Menteng Friday after work (around 6 pm).
what's a nice road trip, lots of laughs.
Finally we entered bandung ( euy... ) at 9.30 pm, after stopping by about an hour at Bekasi Pit Stop bought some coffee and enjoy our dinner.
It took 30 minutes looking for our hotel which was very very "humble", well it was very cheap actually, located in Pasar Kaliki Road.