Wednesday, April 30, 2008

9 months in Kobexindo Tractors, PT

9 Months In Kobexindo Tractors, PT

Liesa, Yudi, Siska, Rebekka, Hani, Lia, Rahman, Amres, Edu, Taufik, they are the persons who filled my story in Kobexindo Tractors, PT ( KOB ).

Everyday I miss those times when I worked together with these persons. May GOD always bless them who I always care about in everything.

Since the first day in KOB, they were so friendly and welcome to me, we were in the same team / Accounting. It took not more than 2 months, they became such best friends.

We shared everything together, like jobs, story of our lives, jokes, foods, many things.., and even feelings towards our colleagues ( guys, if you read this, you know who they are, right ? ).

Almost everyday we had lunch together and sometimes we traveled together.

Those were good memories that won't be forgotten easily. There were many happy and sad stories back there.

How excited we were when we planned to had vacation to Bandung, Bogor. How cherished we were when one of us was having a birthday cake from Liesa ( fastest to search for the biggest slice of cake ).How sad we were when Siska's father passed away. Our argument about something, well, most of the topics were, 'where we got lunch on Friday'. How everyone screamed my name, asked me to have a picture with them kyakakaka… How we bla bla bla... ( sorry can’t tell every story, there were too many ).

I'm so glad I worked for KOB, even just for 9 months, because I met wonderful people like them and more like Rizka, Shanty, Eni, Martio ( for sure, I’m one of the biggest fans of Martio ), Yogi and team, Jimmy ( hehehe… you too dude ) and team, off course Maria, HRD and GA members and many more who I can't write all.

Notice :

Liesa, she was my favourite manager ever. She was my manager, my mentor and my friends.

Yudi, Amres, Rahman, Edu are my buddies for sure.

Taufik is a superman, he knows almost everything, I'm just wondering what he eats everyday?The girls ( Siska, Rebekka, Hani and Lia ), girls you are the flowers that bloom in every season in my heart.

PS : Siska and Rebekka I always miss our laughs together, you know our style is so free and noisy, isnt't it?

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