Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bandung euy

April, 11 to 12, 2008. i went to bandung with my friends who are my colleaques in Amec Berca Indonesia.
Start from our office building at CCM Building Cikini Menteng Friday after work (around 6 pm).
what's a nice road trip, lots of laughs.
Finally we entered bandung ( euy... ) at 9.30 pm, after stopping by about an hour at Bekasi Pit Stop bought some coffee and enjoy our dinner.
It took 30 minutes looking for our hotel which was very very "humble", well it was very cheap actually, located in Pasar Kaliki Road.
Checking in just to drop our bags then we went to one of my favourite place in Bandung : Pascal Hyper Square, enjoy our supper, Martabak Telor, Teh Poci and 2 scops of ice cream for me.
Talking about what if we have our next vacation to Jogjakarta, Ujungpandang, London UK,Bali, Aussie, Paris, Rome and many other places around the world. Than we just wished that we do have a "Pintu Kemana Saja" which's belong to Doraemon. That's the day one ended.
Day two opened with strong faith for shopping. Our first destination was having breakfast which's located in the same area with our first factory outlet destination called "Up Town".
But badnews, we came too early, they're still closed, then we decided to go to Pakar Waterfalls, just to take some pictures.
After that we went back to "Up Town" and yeah... it's already opened.
Very enjoying our breakfast and ready to go to "WAR" hahahaha... and serching good stuffs inside the factory outlet.
The second destination was to Kartika Sari and Amanda, bought some cake, cookies, candies bla bla bla....
30 minutes hunting for some snacks, then we moved on to Rumah Mode. And nightmare, I lost control with bills over my budget hiks hiks. Well we did have a lovely shopping there, everyone had their own paper bags.
Before we moved to our next destination, we stopped by at a coffee shop, still in the same area of Rumah Mode.
Enjoy our beverage, mostly coffees, and cigarettes for me.
Next destination was to Rumah Strawberry, to buy fresh strawberries which we picked ourselves.
Unlucky for us, the strawberry farm was cropped by a huge domestic tourist. So we decided to buy some fresh strawberries in the street near by (well it's cheaper) and had lunch there.
Day two which is our last day in this Bandung trip, closed with em.. still shopping in Riau Street (Heritage and Cascade). Lucky us, on the way to Jakarta rain started falling in Bandung. The trips actually reached finale at 8.30 pm.

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