Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tanjungputus, where I found my childhood’s best friend: SEA

Tanjungputus Sea
“Welcome sir, may I take your order?” the cashier at Dunkin Donuts greeted me with his big smile.
“Yeah, I like to order some cold beverage.” I replied while looking at menu board.
“Bla bla bla bla ….” The cashier directly offered me many kind of cold beverages.
“Okay, I try Green Beans Ice Blended.” I ordered.
“Donuts?” the cashier added while he was inputting my order.
“Ah, no thanks.” I replied with no no hand waves.

With a cup of green beans ice blended in my hand, I sat around the table which was full already by my friends (some are new) who joined this trip. Trip to Tanjungputus Island – Lampung – Sumatera (about 1,5 hour from Bandar Lampung City).

It’s always a pleasure and awesome to share our stories with other travelers. We talked about how we got there and the beauty of the destination itself. We compared the cost without any “cheapest” competition; just being fair compared the cost and the facilities. We shared about couple destinations that we had been visited, shared tips and information, etc.

There we were, twenty five of us, gathered and just about to start our journey with 3 hour bus-ride from West Jakarta to Merak Harbor. From The Merak Harbor we continued the journey by a ferry, crossed the Sunda Strait to Bakauheni Harbor and passed Bandar Lampung City by mini buses to Ketapang Dock. We still had to ride a wooden single motor boat to Tanjungputus Island. Yeah it was quite long journey to Tanjungputus Island from Jakarta (around 10 hour).
The worst thing was, I forgot to bring either my ipod or books, while I found that night was one of my insomnia nights.